-¿Por qué estás en Casagrande entonces?

- No sé; creo que por el placer del vértigo.

Afiche Milano 2015

The Rain of Poems over Milan 2015

Dear Friends, We will bomb with poems the city of Milan on the 26th of September at twilight. We have created this Newsletter to keep you update about the process of the project. Rain of Poems over Milano (Pioggia di poesie su Milano) is the seventh performance of its kind which rains down poetry on […]

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The Rain of Poems over Duvrovnik

by Zeljka Lovrencic Last spring in Chilean Embassy in Zagreb found out about an interesting project. Casagrande, a group of young Chilean poets. decided to come to Dubrovnik and “bomb” it with poems.Versesof 35 poets – all undel 35 years of age- needed to be translated into Croatian.Than, the same number of Croatian poets needed […]

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40% cacao: flota de aviones Hawker Hunter de chocolate. Proyecto realizado para los 40 años del golpe de estado. Fotografía de Cristian Domínguez.

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